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Woman contracts flesh-eating bacteria after zip lining, now Venice Beach wants to add one.

Venice Beach and the Boardwalk, as seen in the...

Venice Beach and the Boardwalk, as seen in the music video for “When Love Takes Over” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Woman contracts flesh-eating bacteria after zip lining accident | Fox News.

Ok, how disturbing can one article be?  First, one of my personal nightmares is being involved with some death-defying contraption and having it fail on me.  I avoid bungy-jumping and sky diving for this reason.  But I have zip lined in the past, figuring it for a relatively safe thrill.

Poor Aimee Copeland went through one of my nightmares, having a zip line break on her, and right into another.  After she survived a zip line breaking and gashing her leg, she went to the E.R.  They stapled her up, and didn’t clean the wound properly.  The next two visits to the E.R. produced nothing, then they diagnosed her with flesh eating bacteria.

The poor woman is at death’s door.  Her family is taking donations.

Update:  As of May 11, Aimee is still in critical condition.

The above is serious, the following is meant to be humorous.

So where’s the humor?  In a sick joke sort of way, Venice Beach has decided to put in a zip line on the beach.  By announcing today they must have hired the world’s worst publicity agent, who decided to ride the “vibe” about ziplines today.

No word yet on whether the flesh-eating bacteria option will be a standard part of the the Venice ride or an extra death-defying fee.  Which raises the question:  if the Venice beach “in” crowd all get the flesh-eating zombie look will that become what’s popular on college campuses in the fall?  Just when I was getting used to piercings.

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Bath Salts Add Flesh Eating to Their Side Effects

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Image via Wikipedia

In a turn for the downright macabre, a female bath salts use was partially eaten after her indulgence in injecting bath salts generated necrotizing fasciitis (that’s bacteria eating you alive).

Above is true, below is humor.

Trying to exploit the trend, drug manufacturers are advertising the “piranha soak,” where patients indulge in bath salts while being eaten by actual piranha.  “Man, such a high!” said one recently created amputee.  “It’s like all that adrenaline from being eaten just mixes with the whole crazy paranoia and gibbering that the salts gives me.  It even beats the high I got getting hit by that semi a month ago.”

Medical personnel were vaguely supportive of the new trend.  “Currently it takes eight people to restrain a bath assaulter.  Two for each limb.  Fewer limbs means fewer personnel required per assaulter.”  Other assaulters had this to say:  “the devil man, the devil is in my head!”

Why anyone would want to inject or use this synthetic mix of amphetamines is beyond me.

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