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Alas, Stephen Covey Did Not Write Seven Habits of Effective Bicycle Riding Before He Passed.

Professor Stephen R. Covey

Professor Stephen R. Covey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I heard that Stephen Covey had died at the relatively early age of 79, I wondered if he’d had some sort of long-standing illness.  Surely someone so efficient and so directed in his life would not allow his health to slip away.  Then I heard he died of complications after a biking accident.  At a time when others are busy in rockers, he was still rocking it a little too fast and furious.

We never think anyone like Stephen Covey will pass.  In my mind he has joined others like Cary Grant who may have passed but still live on as part of our collective memories.  Somewhere in heaven, he is making things more proactive.


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