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Human Body Engineering (HBE) is a change of focus from fixing an immediate problem to resolving a problem and maximizing capacity.

Almost all doctors, regardless of their credentials, are mechanics.  They use various tools to resolve the acute/chronic symptoms and ignore the underlying issues.

HBE requires a systems approach and requires both engineer and client to work together gathering data toward finding the underlying issues and resolving them permanently.

Unlike a piece of machinery, the human body is self-repairing.  Much of conventional medicine is based on blocking or thwarting this repair process, particularly when the repairs cause pain or discomfort.  The long term results of blocking the repair process are “side effects” that develop over time as the body attempts to bypass the blockage.

But within the body are self-correcting processes that are far more complex and delicate than the rocks and hammers used by doctors to block the body.  Activating these self-correcting processes may initially be slower than the symptom relief found by blocking.  But the long term results are alleviation of the symptoms without continuing need to maintain the blockage for the lifetime of the body.

  1. #1 by Camp Cavatar on October 9, 2012 - 2:23 pm

    Doctors may be mechanics, but we are not machines. Doctors understand us as machines, but that doesn’t make us machines, and doctors would be the first to admit to that. It’s time to separate the mechanistic parts of the body and the unknown forces that make up the mind, and the spirit. One step in that direction is naming the part of us that dies and decomposes, our cavatar.

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