So What Happens To Lottery Winners?

Well, I bought a lottery ticket for the Mega Millions Lottery.  Yes, it’s a gimmick, but it’s a gimmick that just got all of us to collectively fork out 1.5 billion overnight.  And, before you flood me with requests, I didn’t win.  But I thought about what it would be like to win.

Sorry, all you lump summers, I’d go for the annuity.  It takes time to learn how to deal with your wealth, and I’d want to make sure I couldn’t blow it all in a rapper-style frenzy.

ABC covered two winners, one who bought NASCAR teams and the other who still works as a waitress.  So clearly there is no “lottery life change.”  Winning the lottery only reflects back to you in grand style who you already are.

Which brings me to think of my favorite TV stars’ and what they would do with the lottery.  Right now I want Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory to win the lottery.  He’d use his millions and his genius to build an actual Starship (and then go after Will Wheaton)

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Or how about the Office staff? Where would they go and what would they do if none of them had to work?

See, this is free.  So I got a lot for my $1 investment.  What did you get?



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