Woolly Mammoth Burger, Is It Good Eating?

English: Woolly mammoth restoration at the Roy...

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The internet is a atwitter with a woolly mammoth sighting  (it looks like a bear with a fish), and thoughts about cloning a mammoth.

Random thoughts on Mammoths:

If a mammoth is alive and/or can be cloned, won’t that set up a black market in mammoth burgers?

But maybe mammoth is economical to raise, so those mammoth burgers can be McMammoth supersized.

If you’ve never had mammoth, can you really be on the paleolithic diet?  If you’ve never run down a mammoth barefoot and killed it with a spear, can you really say you’ve done the full diet?  Isn’t Mammoth Hunter available in Wii and Xbox?  Would that count?  What happens if you get the virtual paleo music, the Wii Mammoth hunter, the fake video of a caveman’s fire, a big dry erase wall board you can draw virtual cave drawings on, the Mammoth burger, and the completely retro rat fur hoodie?  Will that help you lose weight?

How does Mammoth taste?  Come on, you guessed it.  Like Bison.


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  1. [VIDEO]Is it a Mammoth? « Bazaar Daily News

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