Leprosy: Pirates and Prevention

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If you’ve been living on a leper boat, you might have missed the  furor about the leper boat.  A clay or plasticine pirate tries to loot the boat and a passenger tells him there isn’t any treasure and his arm falls off.  Very poor taste, so now we all need to watch the trailer because the actual clay arm falling off will not be in the movie itself.

Although the news will likely continue with many attacks and the burning of small plasticine caricatures of Aardman producers, there is some more important news.

Researchers in the Netherlands have found that the antibiotic rifampicin can cure leprosy in six to twelve months and a single dose halves the risk of getting the disease from transmission.

The small plasticine characters, with all their arms intact, were last seen waving and pumping their fists in victory as they sailed for home and were able to reunite with their families.  Everyone took little plasticine pills of rifampicin and all was well.


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