It’s Official: You Have a Greater Chance of Dying In Your Bathroom Than On the Highway.

Pain or Nausea

Image by Michael @ NW Lens via Flickr

In a fairly stunning announcement, a national survey has found that prescription drugs are now more likely to result in accidents than driving your SUV in traffic.  If you are between 35-54, opioids are more of a problem than semis.  Mind you, many of these people were ingesting the opioids for recreational purposes, but many others just wanted pain relief.  No one was planning to die, so the deaths are accidental.

As this continues, I predict a new trend in safety campaigns.  Instead of “buckle up” it will be “snort? abort!”

Maybe we should combine driver’s safety with this new threat.  It certainly would make driver’s ed more interesting.  I can just see junior telling his buddy: “I can’t parallel part but I nailed the LD50 for Percocet!  (LD50 is a measure of how much of a drug will kill you.)

Of course, there’ll need to be changed for the driving exam.  “Left turns, right turns, calculate your toxicity level of oxycodone given intranasally based on body weight and approximate liver passage capacity.  Now do it when you’ve been drinking shots.”

In all seriousness, how serious does this issue have to be before we start getting educated about how much is too much?



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