Wind May Cause Disease.

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In a turn around from “common wisdom,”  scientists are now thinking that wind currents might affect a disease called Kawasaki Syndrome.  In science speak:  “it was possible from their analysis to identify the major anomalous yearly peaks of KD cases occurring in San Diego from 1994 to 2008 as belonging to two main atmospheric configurations.”  In English that would be:  “much wind raises much dust and makes your nose run more.”

In other news. scientists are researching the idea that really cold air might in fact make one more susceptible to stay inside with coughing people and so might be a causal factor for colds.  They also discovered that chicken soup might be helpful.

Luckier researchers have discovered that when mommy kisses a boo-boo, it does make it feel better.

I want to research the possibility that sugar makes children hyper and how much chocolate it takes to stay up all night.  Where’s my government grant?


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