Forget Double Mastectomy, It’s Time For Double Testiculectomy

Yes, the proper term is orchiectomy, but who knows what that is?  The other term is castration, but nobody likes that term.  It makes men cross their legs.

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Another celebrity is having both of her breasts removed, even though it won’t increase her chances of survival.  So why do it?  It just seems like the thing to do.  No breasts, no chance of breast cancer, right?  Unfortunately, recurrent breast cancer can go elsewhere in the body.  We haven’t quite reached the point where we’ll be carving out her liver ahead of time “just in case.”

But when did breasts become less precious to a woman than testicles are to a man?  We never hear a testicular cancer victim saying:  “I’m having them both off.  Better safe than sorry.”  Sure, he’s not likely to get another round, but with no testicles, he’s CERTAIN to never have testicular cancer again.  And you definitely can get synthetic replacements.  Heck, they even have them for the testicularly challenged male dog.

If we’re on the subject, where’s the market in testicular augmentation?  Oh, sure, there’s the odd scrotal packer, but the practice is not common.

Come to think of it, when was the last time any doctor did a good, old-fashioned scrotal exam?  Just like the breast exam, with three layers of pressure, making sure every area is covered.

Never happens.  That’s the last time you’d see that doctor.  Probably get beat up or written up, or both.


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