Brine Time for Thanksgiving Turkeys

Brine Time for Thanksgiving Turkeys – Bethwood, CT Patch.

Al Capone had a better method:  “Foist, I rough it up a little, see? Take out the ol’ brass knuckles and give it a good what fer.  Then I bag it and me an the boys kick the thing around until it don’t resist no more.  Once it’s out, I get the toikey foot molds, which only require maybe a thoid of the cement ya  would use for a normal guy.  You let that set up nice for an hour or so.  Strap a buoy around one of the blocks and row out maybe a quarter mile.  Roll da boid over the side and let him pickle fer a day or so.  But put somebody out as look out, cause one year some fisherman started poking around and we had to give him a warning, else he would have pulled da boid up to soon.”


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